About us

ClickandShare.NET is a social media networking platform that uses the freemium business model and offers registered users:


  • A FREE account with managed access and data storage space

  • Several options to upgrade functionality and features


ClickandShare Logo


  • FREE PhotoBook
    • Keep in touch with friends, family, colleagues and business associates
    • Upload and share thoughts, messages, jokes, photos, files, soundtracks and videos
    • Create personal, business or associate profiles
    • Send private or public messages to individuals, groups or circles
    • Online tools to enhance photos
    • Family friendly
    • Moderated by Members
  • Group Pages
    • Interact with other members through personal messaging, the shoutbox, blogs, discussion- and support groups
    • Participate in surveys, polls and competitions
    • Utilise advanced options to group persons who are close or associated with them in some way (families, friends, people in the same town, sex, age, etc.)
      • Organisations and Associations
      • Committees
      • Schools
      • Churches
      • Clubs
      • Bands
  • Skills and talent pool
    • Offer and search for members with specific
      • Skills (programming, photography, design, writing, etc.)
      • Talents (singing, dancing, etc.)
  • Secure online data store
    • All data files (documents, photos, videos, audio, etc) is encrypted
    • Secured with industry-standard file security through 256-bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS file transfer protocol.
    • Specified files can be restricted for personal viewing or shared with friends, colleagues or business connections
  • Secure online shop
    • Sell, swap and shop
    • Purchase and download audio and videos
    • Secure payment portal
  • Advertising & Marketing
    • Create, search and promote
      • Special events
      • Community events
      • Group events
    • Standard and featured Classifieds advertisements
    • Standard and featured Business listings
      • Discount coupons
      • Special offers
    • Banner advertising
    • Scrolling adverts
    • Advertising blocks
  • Jobs listing
    • Offer and search for jobs
    • Create and present professional CVs online
    • Companies can also create profiles
  • Business opportunity
    • Earn sales commission on referrals
    • Earn sales commission on the income generated by the sales of advertising space
  • Virtual Currency (e-Coins)
    • Secure e-Wallet
    • Global
    • Convert to real money in your local currency and vice versa
  • Contests and Rewards
    • Contests
      • Photographic
      • Video
      • Music
      • Writing
    • Referral Contests
    • Lucky Draws
    • Performance-based rewards



  • As with Facebook, members share photos online. Camera = Click and share memories online;
  • Computer (Mouse Action) = Click content and share with friends.



By sharing the extraordinary potential locked up within the social media networking industry with our members, we hope to grow our membership exponentially and establish ClickandShare as a major role-player in an environment where big role-players like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ dominate the social networking scene.

ClickandShare utilises the Affiliate Marketing Concept to promote the website and rewards our members (individuals, organisations, and institutions) generously for their "word of mouth" advertising. Members will earn a sales commission on advertising space sold or purchased by their Affiliates (members referred by them).


MEMBERSHIP (Affiliation)

Membership is absolutely free and can be cancelled at any time. You are not required to buy or sell anything.

ClickandShare utilises an Affiliate Marketing Concept by which members are rewarded for their “word of mouth” advertising. Members (individuals, organisations, and institutions) earn Sales Commission on the income generated by the sales and purchases of advertising space by their referrals (affiliates).


HOWEVER, THERE IS MORE... Become an Agent and earn more...

Beyond the benefits of being a “standard” ClickandShare member (affiliate), members (individuals, organisations, and institutions) are also offered an opportunity to become an Agent of the company, receiving even greater benefits and rewards. Members need to purchase a 3, 6 or 12 months Business Management & Software User License to qualify for the Agent benefits.



  • Obtain access to restricted areas and functions in the ClickandShare PhotoBook;
  • Receive safe and private (encrypted) online storage (media vault) for your personal and business files and documents (“Cloud” Storage);
  • Earn a substantial amount in Sales Commission on all the new Agents you recruit and from the income generated by the sales and purchases of additional services and advertising space by you and your Affiliates (Associate Agents) in your Active Downlines;
  • Enjoy extended benefits, life coaching, business support and training by the ClickandShare Management and Agent Network.